How to protect your phone against malware

How to protect your phone from malware ?

You think only your computer is vulnerable to viruses ? Think again ! Cybercriminals can also crack down by trying to spy on a phone. It is therefore essential to actively protect your phone against malicious software on a daily basis by adopting several security reflexes or by setting up specific protection services. Browsing habits, protection with a VPN or antivirus, software updates… we tell you everything to make sure your device stays in good shape protect against spyware.

What are the best ways to protect your smartphone against malware ?

Malicious software that can be installed on your cell phone is similarly called “spyware”. This program can be installed as a result of a suspicious download or by the action of a third party who wants to spy on a phone in case of a security breach in your internet connection.

This spyware can record a lot of information and actions in order to collect your personal data (identity theft, industrial espionage, data resale …) or use your microphone or camera.

Fortunately, there are simple reflexes and habits to have and to put in place, to prevent malicious people from getting into your smartphone’question about how to spy on a cell phone remotely without installing software or not.

Browsing on reliable sites

Using a simple internet browser may seem trivial to you. However, it is important to remain vigilant about the sites you visit. Indeed, some corrupted sites could harbor malware.

In any case, stay alert on a website you don’t know and that would invite you to click on a link. This redirection may be suspicious and ill-intentioned.

The main rule is and remains not to open suspicious links, stay on reliable pages belonging to secure sites, like the’have shown the research of the CellTrackingApps

Download applications with caution

Downloading is the first gateway for a cybercriminal to easily install malware on your phone. It is therefore important to think about each application you want to download on your phone.

If you have an iPhone, you can rely on the App Store to control the developers and the applications on it.

If you have an Android cell phone, be careful about the applications you want to download. Favour applications that are used a lot and have many positive feedbacks and whose reliability is recognized.

Note: the permissions requested when installing the application may alert you to a suspicious request from developers.

Finally, we advise you to never download or install third-party software outside of official channels to protect your phone against malicious software.

Use a VPN when using a mobile phone’Use of a VPN’a public Wi-Fi network

By using the Wi-Fi connection of your Internet box at home or by using the usual network (4G and 5G data), surfing the Internet from your phone is not very risky.

However, if you want to cut down on your monthly internet data by using a public Wi-Fi network, the security of your information and your equipment is not guaranteed. Indeed, this type of network is generally not very secure, being the perfect target for cybercriminals to spread malware on computers and cell phones.

Thus, protecting your phone against malware on a public Wi-Fi network can be done through the use of the App Storeusing a VPN. With the VPN Kill Switch feature (essential due to the instability of public Wi-Fi networks), such software will help protect your internet connection, especially on the phone in this case.

Protect yourself with an antivirus

Just as you could protect your computer with an antivirus, it is possible to protect your phone against malware with the same type of product.

Warning: as with applications, it is important to be vigilant about your antivirus provider. So, choose a legitimate, reliable and recognized provider to avoid any risk (Kaspersky, Avast Mobile Security, etc.).

Make updates to your phone

The OS update notifications You may feel annoyed sometimes by the fact that your phone is not always up to date. They take time, are frequent and do not seem to bring you much new.

However, software updates are a way to protect your phone against malware. Indeed, possible security flaws may have been discovered in your device’s operating software. The software update is then the only way to repair this flaw to finally strengthen the security of your phone against spyware.