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Computer hardware: that is it router ?

The rôthe main d’a router is to keep track of the’s origin and destination’traffic. Also known as a NAT device, this device has a multitude of features and is present on the market under different models. In order to’To deepen your knowledge, we invite you to discover this key component of the Internet network.

Qu’is it’a router and what it is used for ?

A router is an essential computer tool for anyone who wants to configure a home network with Wifi. It s’acts of’a device that transmits and receives wireless signals so that users connected to the same network can access the Internet. A Wifi router is also known as a wireless point of contact’access or gateway, as well as several other names depending on its specific characteristics.

You are probably wondering why he would use a router to optimize his. You'll find that’by choosing a Wifi router that fits your needs, your connected devices will work better and your data will be more secure.

Improve the performance of your connection

The router improves the range and quality of your wifi signal by :

  • mapping traffic between different connections,
  • It's a good idea to isolate the various parts of the network’infrastructure from one model to another’an organization from each other.

These features are possible because this device has a very high level of security’A powerful processor and a’a larger number of memory channels.

Manage and secure your data

The router manages the transfer of your data and ensures that each network is independent and secure. It can be’act as wireless networks, wired networks or even both wired and wireless networks. The protection is optimal thanks to the implementation of a password’a firewall system and’an encryption protocol built into your device.

What are the different types of existing routers ?

In general, there are several types of routers, but wireless and VPN models are the most common.

Wireless routers and wired models

These routers have the same functionality: they share data and create local networks. The difference lies in the technology used to achieve this. The The first type deploys antennas, The first router uses the same interface as the first, while the second uses wires to connect to the Internet.

Virtual routers or VPN

Virtual routers are software that computers and servers use to share data. They accomplish the same taskôthan traditional models. Here you can get an anonymous IP address.

Edge routers

The job of edge routers is to connect to the network’This is possible because this device has a built-in router to ensure that your network is communicating with others. To do this, they are placed at the edge of networks and connect to the networks of various organizations.

Central routers

These routers are responsible for the distribution of data on your network. They act as pillars and do most of the work. With the last two routers mentioned above, you can connect to the network from any location’choose a wired or wireless model.

How to set up a router for the first time ?

Now that you've discovered all the types of routers, it's time you learn how to set up the vôYour. The handling may be slightly different from the one described above’The principle is generally the same from one model to another. Before you start, follow the instructions in the user guide’You can also use it to connect your computer equipment.

Connect to the’s interface’router administration

Once everything is set up properly, establish a direct connection to your router. To do this, connect it to your computer by using an RJ45 cable or by activating the Wifi. Then, open your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.).) and insert the’IP address or IP address’URL of your router.

You’ll find this information on the box or on the instruction manual’use. When accessing the site, a login consisting of a’a password and’You will be asked for a login. Enter the one provided by the manufacturer’originated by the manufacturers.

Set up your router

When arriving on the’In the web interface of your router, you will see a multitude of configurable data s’display on your screen. The ones we will show you guarantee the security and the good functioning of your device.

Change your password

The first thing we advise you to do is to set up a virtual router’The most important thing to do is to strengthen the security of your router. To do so, you just have to locate the settings and click on the "Settings" button’insert your personalized password. This manœThis is very important in order to set up a router’It is very important to avoid any hacking attempt from other users’malicious individuals.

Update your firmware

We recommend that you update your router's software when you first use it. Your supplier regularly publishes corrective and security features for your device in order to solve potential incidents you may encounter while using it’using. This also helps to counter new threats (viruses, malware, etc.).).

It is worth noting that some of the latest routers have a simplified configuration process. You have the possibility to’You can do all these steps in no time via an application on your smartphone.

use wifi router

How to solve common router problems ?

Like any other piece of electronic equipment, your router doesn't’It is not free of problems. At some point, you'll notice that your connection slows down, your hardware bugs or overheats, etc. After checking your cable connection and your Internet box connection, everything seems normal. The only device you don't need to turn on is your router’have not examined is your router.

To certify that’If the router is the source of these complications, you have the possibility to’Perform some simple actions.

Restart your router

Here, all you need to do is’turn off your router and d’wait 10 to 20 seconds before turning it back on. S’it s’act’a common network problem, performing this action will solve it in most cases.

Unplug your router if you're going to be away for a long time or in bad weather. This action is recommended to be taken to avoid problems’make sure your device stays in good condition.

Reset your router

L’Another tip is to completely reset your router. To do this, you must press a button on your equipment. Its place is different from the one provided with your hardware’from one device to another.

Please read the guide to spyware’It's a good idea to use the software that came with your hardware to track its location.

Note that this action will erase all the settings made and will not work It will restore your password settings’factory. This technique is best used if you have forgotten your password or if you are using a mobile phone’The reboot trick doesn't work.