Personal data collection on Sweatcoin a cause for concern

Personal data collection on Sweatcoin: should we be concerned?

The free service necessarily implies a counterpart. The cost can be blatant like the integration of ads on websites and applications. However, it is sometimes less obvious as the monetization of personal data. This practice is still acceptable, however, as long as users are informed.

This way, registrations will be made with full knowledge of the facts.

How Sweatcoin uses my personal data ?

In its privacy policy, the step counter explains how the collection of personal data on Sweatcoin. This information will be used primarily for follow-up to improve the offering, according to the company. Indeed, connected applications and services generally need feedback to improve their technologies.

This type of approach is therefore quite widespread.

Also, first and last names are commonly needed to distinguish the different members of a platform. The e-mail address is also essential for sending notifications, news, newsletters… In addition to these usual options, Sweatcoin makes it clear that some personal information will be sold to third parties to conduct :

  • Benchmarking;
  • Market studies;
  • Health and wellness research.

Possible uses are provided as an indication in the application. Thus, they are far from being exhaustive. The publisher is nevertheless transparent about the collection and processing of personal data. It informs future members about the monetization of the information obtained.

The registration is therefore an acceptance of the terms of use.

How does it collect them ?

The mobile application is the main component of the personal data collection on Sweatcoin. It allows you to collect and send information from your Android or iOS mobile device. This information will be aggregated and anonymized before being used for statistical, analytical, academic purposes… Thus, it will not identify you.

You will only be a profile in a study.

Specifically, the step counter processes your walking and identification data (name, surname, phone number and email) separately. These will be used primarily to authenticate you and remain confidential. The application can on the other hand monetize information about your daily activity.

This includes your performance, attendance, preferences, location, etc.

You have the option to stop using your data by leaving the platform. The application will then delete all personal information, including the email address for contacting members. In addition, you can easily learn how to delete a Sweatcoin account. However, data collection is a practice that is difficult to avoid online.

Therefore, this initiative will not really protect you from using this information.

Can I object? ?

In theory, you can opt out of some of the personal data collection on Sweatcoin. The application actually asks for permissions to access certain features of your smartphone like :

  • Your directory;
  • Your calls;
  • Your photo and video gallery;
  • Your Wi-Fi network;
  • Your browsing history and preferences.

Simply select “Do Not Allow” to prevent the program from viewing this information. In practice, this decision may affect the performance of the application on a daily basis. The consequences may vary depending on the device.

Some smartphones block, for example, programs that do not have all the required permissions during installation.

On the other hand, your geolocation is essential for the proper functioning of the step counter. You must therefore allow it to use your GPS, if you want to earn rewards for your daily walks. As a result, you won’t be able to resist tracking your location and deploying related features.

You will be exposed to geo-targeted marketing actions.