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Enneagram training: how to evolve with the Enneagram ?

We live in the age of the instant, the click, the selfie. Knowledge has never been so important, but it has never been so perishable. What works and brings you profits in today’s business is to really know yourself.

Indeed, the key is in self-knowledge, and in training in the field of emotional intelligence. In the rest of this article, we will explain how an enneagram training can help you succeed in the business world.

Enneagram training: what is it ?

One of the tools of emotional intelligence The most fashionable training at the moment is known as the Enneagram training. It is an ancient technique that states that in the world there are only nine personality types. That each of us has a unique program from its birth, and that we can’t change it.

The key will therefore be to to know it in depth and to learn how to use it, to make the most of it.

Enneagram training: what is it for? ?

By understanding its personality type and by discovering how to exploit its strengths and improve its weaknesses, you will have in your hands a powerful personal awareness, able to transform reality through actions.

The Enneagram is a map and a system of personal and organizational development that describes the motivations behind actions nine personality types, each with their own mental, emotional and instinctive tendencies.

In addition to pointing out probable behaviors for each of these types, its richness lies in the fact that it is much more than a personality typology. It describes the motivations behind actions, beliefs and strategies behind decisions, as well as the most effective paths to growth and expansion for each type. It is a map and a maturity, development and diversity strategy.

Enneagram training: what is it for?

Enneagram training: what application ?

The Enneagram training is used, along with other techniques, for emotional management and human development. Before thinking that it can be a kind of’If you are not interested in self-help, you should know that this technique generates results that can be measured, even in numbers.

The enneagram card describes the nine human emotions, each linked to a specific behavioral pattern. In this way, it allows people to become more aware of their emotions, their performance patterns, their motivators and de-motivators. Such knowledge opens self-awareness and allows the maximum exploitation of individual personal and professional potential.

In other words, this tool provides the awareness of behavioral patterns, offering alternatives so that the person and, consequently, his or her institution, can develop through self-knowledge. It is extremely useful for managers, supervisors and all professionals involved in team management, as it promotes the effective use of each talent.

Enneagram training: which method ?

Through a fun self-diagnosis methodology, a cultural awareness process is initiated for the recognition and awareness of one’s own patterns. The goal is not only to learn about the participant’s personality and that of others, but to expand and develop beyond, incorporating the positive characteristics of other types to enhance their leadership.

Leadership, communication, high performance team building, improving emotional intelligence, coaching, conflict management, feedback, decision making, sales, negotiation, among others, are all things that this training can improve.

Different development methodologies are then integrated and customized for different personality types. The results, as some organizations have pointed out, allow for a deep development and a increase in productivity.

If you want to develop yourself professionally and personally, the Enneagram training is an effective, original and rather fun solution. It is accessible to everyone and can be very interesting to improve the performance of a team.