What is email marketing and what is it used for?

What’what is email marketing and what is it used for ?

The email marketing (emailing or e-mailing) is an excellent communication tool that the brand must communicate with the customer. C’Email marketing is a very powerful weapon that, if used properly, can give very good results, especially in conversion. C’is the’perfect opportunity to’offer to the’user a quality and valuable content.

A more customizable in order to convert leads into potential customers.

Email marketing uses email and is sent to a group of contacts, is customizable and non-invasive. Although emails are sent massively, we must keep in mind that we have to’mind that for the’user to receive our e-mail, has already had to give their data, so there is already a predisposition.

What is the use of email marketing ?

  • Keep in touch with your customers
  • To send you news and updates
  • To keep the brand at the top of your concerns
  • Gather opinions
  • Generate the’commitment
  • Develop content marketing strategies
  • Among other things

L’One of the points in favor of email marketing campaigns is the possibility of measuring the results in real time and instantly because there are many platforms that allow you to measure the results’analyze in detail the campaign. L’One of the best known is Mailchimp. We must keep to the’mind that most likely the expected results will not be obtained the first time, it is possible that not even in the short term, so it takes a little patience, perseverance and a lot of hard work beforehand to get an effective email marketing campaign that we will see in the next post.

In conclusion, the realization of’An email marketing campaign requires dedication, although it is not always easy to find the right one’It is easily adaptable to your activity and your needs, you just need to download it’Have a little creativity. Thanks to the Smartphone, users are reading more and more of their favorite music’You can also set it up according to the type of email you want to send, but for this reason they are also more demanding. The cost of’a campaign is low, so it becomes the’It is one of the best tools the Internet has to offer’Are you a company for direct marketing?’mood ? In the meantime, we leave you a link to the 100 best email marketing campaigns to inspire you.

If you have found the message interesting, don’t hesitate to contact us’feel free to share it. In addition, we are finalizing the following where we will explain how to make an effective email marketing campaign detailing all the steps to take into account.

How to make an effective email marketing campaign ?

We often wonder why our email marketing strategy does not work. And the work behind it, even if it’s not the same, is very important’It seems easy at first glance, but it is not’is not. L’sending of data’Adding an email to your database requires precision, patience, creativity and ingenuity.

Why do we think that email marketing is the best way to reach our customers?’one of the most effective strategies ?

  • Brand image
  • Increase the ROI of our online marketing
  • Loyalty
  • Economical. Minimum investment = great results
  • Direct and immediate channel
  • Bidirectional
  • Segentable
  • Measurable
  • Effective: more effective than RSS
  • Non intrusive
  • Customizable

As you now know what’is an email marketing campaign, we have the’We have seen in the previous post, and you are aware of this’It is important for your business, we will move to the next step’next step, we will explain the secret to creating a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Define the objectives and the target: it is necessary to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve’first set quantifiable goals to know if, once the campaign is over, it has worked, why send the email, for what purpose ?…. It is necessary to note it to then analyze the results.
  2. Segmentation’The ideal is to create your own database. Remember that what is important is to be able to communicate with your customers’is the quality and not the quantity. It n’It’s not good for you’send emails to users who are not interested in your product and / or brand, you will waste time and effort.
  3. Personalize: it is very important that you tell the world about yourself’It is advisable to put a unique CTA and to create an urgent need for the user and that you take care of the message. Personalize it with his name and take into account his place of residence, his tastes, preferences, etc. We recommend you greet him and say goodbye, you will create a much closer bond with him.
  4. Choose a good subject and a good content: this is the best way to send your’Now is the right time to make your content strategy stand out. It is advisable to put a unique CTA and create an urgent need.
  5. Catchy subject: Take the time to think about the subject, it will be the first thing that the customer will notice’The user will see and it will depend on him that’it’opens or not.
  6. Design: take care of the quality of the images. Identifies the email with the logo of the brand and the social buttons. It is important that you put the data of your company at the end of the email so that the email is sent to the right person’user can contact you. Add a space for the email to be sent’You must be able to allow a certain number of users to unsubscribe when you want them to.
  7. Less c’The most important thing is that you can use the dates indicated for the’It is important to define the objectives and the target audience: you need to send emails more frequently, but we recommend you not to exceed this frequency.

Marketing Automation: save time and effort’money.

Marketing s’This channel is very vast, with many specificities, subcategories that each have a very particular function to carry out in relation to a particular action and result.
Marketing Automation is the automation of certain functions in order to save you valuable time and therefore by ricochets, to make you save money’The best way to make money/profitability with better efficiency is to create your own database.
Or how to adapt the right decision at the right time with the right type of customer. This multi-faceted marketing allows you to make more money’automate but in a very precise way according to how your prospects / potential customers / clients act, to try to make them go through “tunnels” to guide them through certain passages / actions.

D’Elsewhere, you can go deeper into the subject of marketing automation campaigns with the previous web link by going to a website that will show you how to use your marketing automation’It seems easy at first glance, but it is not easy to understand the other facets of this specific marketing practice.

Marketing Automation: Qualified Marketing.

Because succeeding in anticipating a certain number of users to unsubscribe when you are not’It is possible to plan for all actions of your customers (prospects or not): it is not good to plan for all actions’It is not.
By staying focused on what’it will be possible to predict, so you will be able to control a number of things that you can act on, as if you had already drawn the outlines of predefined paths to have more interesting actions for your sales.
Knowing how to correctly analyze a certain number of behaviors in a fine way’We have developed a user profile to determine typical consumer/customer profiles and to improve your processes up to the end of the year’to what’they are sufficiently qualified for your company / for your products and services.

A constant optimization far from’This is an obvious method, but once it is mastered, it will bring very important results !
Because succeeding in determining customer behavior offers a series of advantages’The goal is to improve your processes until you are able to transform their actions into sales/orders: better understand your customers c’is better to be able to enter their ways of behaving to put you more easily at their level.

If the’This article has made you want to’If you want to know more about marketing automation, find out more about it’other aspects of this relatively specific marketing.
Just click on this web link above, follow the redirection that will take you to the website capable of enlightening you on this subject.