Make your POP more effective 10 tips for business

Make your POP more effective: 10 practical tips for businesses

The point of sale advertising is often botched, but it remains a good way to promote a product. It can also be used to communicate a brand or a promotional offer. More than a simple advertising poster, the POS must push the customer to interact. However, its implementation can be a headache.

For it to be effective, several elements must be taken into account such as the quality of the support, the advertising message… Here are 10 practical tips to make your POP advertising effective.

Clearly define the objective of the operation

You must first define the objective of the POP display before embarking on such a project. This is why you must ask yourself several questions. Is it an operation to attract customers’ attention to a product ? The operation will be used to announce the launch of a promotional offer or to inform about an event ? Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier for you to identify all the parameters of your POP advertising.

Adapt the medium to the message

Not all POP materials have the same function. For this, you must adapt your support to the message. For example, if you want to communicate outside, it is better to use :

  • Advertising flags;
  • Rolls Up.

Designed for trade shows and fairs, the Roll Up is easily transportable and quick to install. C’is the essential mobile communication medium with a strong visual impact. For more information on this product, you can consult

With large textile supports, it is easier to attract the attention of prospects. But, these products are not adapted when you want to transmit information. You must therefore choose rigid products that will not be blown away by the breeze. A solid and durable support also allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses in a too short time.

You must not lose sight of the fact that a broken or torn support will have a negative impact on the product or the brand.

For indoor use, it is recommended to use materials that are less than 1.80 m tall. It makes the information easier to read. Generally speaking, small media are used to present a product. While hanging media are used to attract attention.

Adapt your message to your target

Your point of sale advertising must be thought out according to the target. To do this, you must define this target: gender, age group, social status, income, interests..

Then, from these elements, you can write and adapt your message to your target. To achieve this, you must follow the 4C’s rule. What is it about ? The message must be clear, coherent, concise and credible.

Then, you have to think about using an appropriate tone to communicate. Because, it would be awkward to use the same tone to inform about a product for adults and a toy for children. You have the choice between these different tones for your POP:

  • Informative;
  • Humorous ;
  • Cheery;
  • Dramatic.

Simple and neutral, the informative tone allows you to pass on information. When addressing a young audience, it is advisable to use a humorous tone. We play on words, we use a mascot to present the product(s). However, the use of this tone can produce an undesirable effect when the humor is considered inappropriate. As for the cheerful tone, it is also frequently used.

It allows for cheerful and refreshing texts. Through your message, you communicate a good mood. Regarding the dramatic tone, it is used to provoke a sentimental impact.

Take care of the visual

To attract the attention of prospects, you must rely on the aesthetics of your POP. You must therefore opt for a colorful and simple visual. Make sure it is attractive and eye-catching. Patterns and graphic elements are necessary, but you should not overload your POP.

Whatever the beauty of your support, never lose sight of the fact that it is the information that interests the customer.

It is recommended to use a new support for each different information. That is to say that the POS that serves to seduce prospects must be different from the one that serves to retain customers. In short, you must use several supports to avoid confusing your customers and prospects.

Avoid unnecessary information

As mentioned above, the advertising message must follow the 4C’s rule. It must be immediate with adjectives or keywords like “promotion”, “free” or “sale”. Therefore, you must avoid :

  • To transform your POS into a product sheet;
  • To reveal all the technical description of the product.

You must keep in mind that media are made to be seen and not to be read. The prospect will only approach your POP advertising when the product appeals to him. At this point, they can come closer to read the features before making a purchase.

Offer an original and lively product

To stand out and attract attention, you must design a lively and original product. It is not enough to have a good design, a neat visual. Your support must fascinate and encourage customers to interact.

That’s why you have to offer your customers and prospects a real experience. Why not liven up your POP advertising with contests and background music? ? You can also, if your budget allows it, use the services of hostesses to make your operation more lively and attractive.

It is also possible to use an animator or a demonstrator on the booths of a company’exhibition, tasting, demonstration.

Find a good location

The POS must attract attention and push the customer to buy. Its installation is therefore crucial for your communication. When it is badly installed, the POS can give a bad impression and provoke indifference. Where to place the support to maximize its impact ?

It is advised to put it in a strategic place where it can be seen and admired by several people. A visible support allows you to communicate easily and efficiently.

Also use modern means

In addition to the Rolls up and the advertising flags, you can also use modern means like :

  • Touch screens;
  • QR codes;
  • Video projections;
  • Augmented reality headsets.

These modern means will emphasize the presentation of products, logos or hooks. However, the computer-assisted POP (AO POP) for the projection on LCD screen has the advantage of making your operation more alive. Since you have the possibility to create several types of displays: random or programmed.

Take into account the possible constraints of the distributors

You can install your POP in your store, at the entrance or outside. But, you can also place it at large distributors like Carrefour. If you do so, be aware that these sometimes impose constraints such as

  • The format;
  • The size;
  • The colors..

You must therefore be flexible and tactful to carry out your operation successfully.

To have a quality POP, it is advisable to call on professionals. If you entrust the project to amateurs, you risk having bad surprises.

What to remember ? The POP is an essential support to improve the visibility of a product or a brand. That’s why it must not be botched. To succeed with your POP, you must surround yourself with professionals.