What are the essential applications for your car?

What are the essential applications in the car ?

When’if you use your car a lot, especially for long trips, some applications can help you to find your way’useful and quickly become indispensable. Whether it’s to keep the kids busy, avoid traffic jams, listen to music or find spare parts, here are the most popular applications for drivers in 2020.

Waze is a mobile application for cars and motorcycles. C’is in fact a community GPS that shows you the best route in real time, depending on the traffic. It modifies the routes in case of an accident’It is a community GPS that allows you to find the best way to get to your destination, even if you are not sure of your location. It also warns if the police are around. In addition, this app allows you to save on fuel depending on your location, to find points of restoration, or places to park.

Very practical when’Waze is also indispensable in everyday life for drivers who drive a lot of kilometers every day.

If you prefer to use a traditional GPS, the expert brand TomTom will guide you to the place where you want to go in an optimal way. Discover a comparison of the best models on www.partirenvoiture.en.


L’Auto-doc app gives you access to a complete spare parts catalog with a search system by product code. In addition, it incorporates a one-click ordering option that is very fast. It can be convenient to’to have such an application in your smartphone when you drive a lot.

You can then quickly order the spare parts you need.

Youtube Kids

If you make long trips with children on board, you can keep them busy with the’Youtube Kids application. This way you will avoid crying, incessant questions and kicking the driver’s seat. You will be able to drive without stress by downloading this application.

In addition, you can set it according to the’You can choose the age of your children and the type of video you want them to see’they watch. However, you’ll need to be able to listen to it’It allows you to relax and have a package with at least 5 GB of data’Internet, because watching videos consumes a lot of data.

Deezer and QuizUp

Deezer is a music application that allows to’listen to nearly fifty-three million different titles. It allows you to relax and’It also keeps kids busy. Time will go by faster when you listen to music you like.

In addition, QuizUp is a game application that keeps kids busy too’To animate the car trips, thanks to questions and answers in the form of quiz. In addition to helping you make the trip more enjoyable, the whole family can develop their knowledge of the road’fun.