The goal of admission to Sciences Po Paris

Aiming for admission to Sciences Po Paris

Senior year of high school, the’year of doubts and fears. The first really important test in a young life. The beginning of’a new life… However, in these corridors that many’adults have forgotten, there are still teenagers with extremely vivid dreams.

An ambition, a goal, a magnificent project. But at this age, and even afterwards in case of’Confidence is a luxury that youth does not have’has not, or that’it does not’not to be used wisely. And often a question is whispered but never really said, but it is asked here: how to be confident before your interview at Sciences Po Paris ?

How to have self-confidence ?

Confidence at the’The oral exam will make all the difference during the competition’an important interview as one can have to pass in Sciences Po. Indeed, a person in confidence, beyond that of a teacher, is a real work of art’have a real ability to capture the audience, will not be destabilized by trick questions. She will even be armed and trained to react to take advantage of these situations. All this with a tact and elegance that will make reviewers smile or intrigue them.

S’Expressing oneself or knowing how to express oneself is an art, and some people are masters in this field. Self-confidence is the key to success in interviews but also for all the challenges of life !

Being aware of your achievements allows you to be confident

To have a full and complete awareness of the knowledge that failure is a luxury’one has is a real job. It is these doubts about one’s own knowledge and skills that can arise before an interview. Doubt and fear are paralyzing. And it would be counterproductive not to know how to manage them.

While’sometimes it doesn’t take much to finally gain the self-confidence that is so seriously deserved.