The communication on tactical support is what

Communication on tactical media: is what ?

The communication on tactical media is a marketing communication method that was born several decades ago, but has developed mainly through the advent of digital signage. It is adaptable to any type of business, and allows to reach more effectively the customers or the target population.

Qu’is communication on tactical media ?

To define it in a simple way, we can say that tactical communication represents a mode of advertising communication. It is different from mass advertising communication, because it focuses on two main factors: the quality of the exposure of the target and the quality of targeting, which here is much more precise.

Tactical media communication is nothing more than a marketing strategy that is carried out through tactical media. These represent a different kind of display media, other than the traditional display networks we are used to. They are quite difficult to define, because it is a rather heterogeneous set.

It is necessary to know that the communication on tactical media has developed a lot in the 1990s. However, it only really took off after the advent of the digital display. This type of communication differs from the main traditional networks by several elements among which we find :

  • The duration of the advertising contact is out of the ordinary, and thus favors memorization by the target
  • The ability to reach the target audience during leisure time
  • The outstanding quality of the advertising contact
  • The ability to really reach specific targets
  • The capacity of targeting taking into account the geographical situation in a very precise way. In this last case, we talk much more about proximity media.

What are the different possible supports ?

For tactical communication, you have the possibility of using several types of display media. You will have the choice between :

  • Display on a bread bag advertising
  • Display in elevators
  • Posting on the cups of distributors
  • The poster in camping
  • Display in cabs
  • Posting in restaurants, bars and cafés
  • Signage in gyms
  • Display on pizza boxes
  • Service advertising, and many others.

Why it could be interesting for you ?

Tactical media are communication tools that have many advantages for companies and brands that want to be known and quickly develop their reputation. It is of great interest to promoters and entrepreneurs who are looking for a high visibility in the short term.

These tactical media are actually complementary media that you can integrate into your communication plan. They allow you to address your target audience in a more original and impactful way. It is a type of targeted and affinity media, which any company can adapt to its needs and realities.

It is a marketing communication mode which has the advantage of being inexpensive for the company. Indeed, to organize a campaign through tactical media, the investment to be made will not be as important as with a campaign on a traditional or classic media.

To be effective, this type of communication must meet certain conditions. Among other things, you must make sure that the chosen media will be broadcasted in the places where your target is usually found.

What if proximity communication is the key ?

When we talk about proximity communication, we immediately think of street marketing. This is one of the supports of tactical communication. It represents today one of the best solutions to successfully reach the target and achieve the objectives of the marketing campaign of the company.

It must be said that in recent years, due to their daily occupations and time spent on social networks, consumers are less and less receptive to traditional advertising campaigns. They don't have time to spend on traditional media anymore, which explains why companies are finding it harder and harder to get a real return on their investment.

Moreover, classic advertisements are often considered as too intrusive, and can even scare away the consumer instead of attracting him. The solution would be to Turn to proximity communication. Why ? Well, simply because it first identifies the moments of availability and attention of the public.

This way, the message has a better chance of having a real impact on the recipients. This type of communication has the particularity to be direct and incisive, without being intrusive. This could be seen as the key for companies that still lack visibility and wish to remedy this.

If you are interested in this concept, you can call upon a marketing agency with qualified professionals to help you set up a good proximity communication strategy.

What if proximity communication was the key?

The communication on tactical media It is currently very popular, as it is the key to making your company known. It allows to reach the target more easily, thanks to its operating principle. In addition, it is inexpensive and therefore suitable for all businesses, regardless of their size.