The 118 400 is the quick and easy way to cancel your bank card

118 400: the quick and easy way to cancel your credit card

Whether you are at home, at work or on vacation, the loss of your bank card causes anxiety and can quickly turn into a state of panic. After checking that it is not in your wallet, purse, pants, jacket and other places where it should normally be, for the tenth time, worry should not make you forget your priority: to stop the card. There is a quick and convenient way to do this: call 118 400.

118 400: a simple and quick solution

Whether it is lost or stolen, the bank card that is no longer in your possession becomes a financial risk that must be cancelled quickly. There is only one solution: quickly stop payment on your card so that no one can use it without your knowledge. Otherwise, it is possible that expenses are made for which you could be responsible.

Once the disappearance is reported, the card will be blocked and you will be safe again.

In a crisis situation, it is sometimes difficult to remain calm and make the right decisions quickly. By entering 118 400 in the list of your contacts on your telephone, you will only have to initiate the call and the service will guide you in the urgent steps you must take. It is important to know that by starting the process quickly, it will be easier for you to get reimbursed for any amounts spent on your card by the person in possession of it.

A call to 118 400 will give you access to a universal information service that will put you in touch with your bank. This will allow you to proceed with the stop payment request which will be done immediately, during your conversation with the bank advisor.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This process is quick and easy. In one call (€2.99/call + €2.99/min), you will solve the problem and regain your peace of mind.

Why use this service ?

In a lost or stolen credit card situation, the speed with which you stop the card can make a big difference. Using 118 400 is the fastest way to contact your financial institution’s appropriate services in order to cancel your credit card.

The anxiety caused by such a situation can create a feeling of confusion which, in turn, can lead to forgetting the procedure to follow when you have to stop payment. Dialing 118 400 is a simple gesture that will initiate the process quickly and without having to ask questions. The resource person will make sure to put you directly in touch with the person in charge who can help you complete the process.

By centralizing your process in one call, you will not have to search for information on the Internet or in your banking documents, which will save you time and reduce your stress. The 118 400 information service will provide you with reliable information quickly in order to put an end to the unpleasant situation you are experiencing.

What to do following a stop payment ?

Once the process is completed, no one will be able to use your bank card, which will allow you to avoid important financial consequences. Hence, the need to act quickly in such a situation.

The first step is to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to your bank, confirming your request to stop payment. This letter on file will act as proof of your action.

In the case of a theft, you will have to go to the police station to file a complaint, which will allow you to request reimbursement of the amounts withdrawn without your consent. You can also make a pre-plaint on the Internet to act more quickly, but you will still have to go in person to the authorities to complete this step.

What are the other solutions ?

On the back of the card is a customer service number. By registering your phone number, you will be able to notify them quickly in the event of such a situation. This number is accessible from France, but also from abroad.

Another possibility is to reach a universal voice server (for all banks) by dialing 0 892 705 705. This service is only available in France, but it is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and is billed at 0.34 euros per minute.

If you are abroad, it is possible to call the number displayed on the ATMs that accept your card. During this procedure, you will have to communicate the 16-digit number written on your card, which it is therefore important to keep with you. In all cases, it is suggested that you register certain information on your telephone beforehand in order to be able to react effectively in the event of the loss or theft of your bank card.