The most reliable LED TV brands on the market

The most reliable LED TV brands on the market

A television set implies a significant purchase cost for households. Thus, it is important to choose a trusted brand and a durable model to amortize the investment. You should also consider the screen technology to enjoy an excellent viewing experience in the long run.

In short, the objective is to benefit from the best value for money and performance-reliability.

Why choose a LED TV ?

If you are looking for the most reliable LED TV brand, you probably know the advantages of this type of screen. However, this technology is the most widespread on the market. Thus, it may also be a default choice due to the scarcity of traditional LCDs.

In any case, the LED screen has several advantages over the latter.

Basically, both technologies have a similar liquid crystal display system. The LED TV is only distinguished by the backlighting of the LCD panel (liquid crystal display). It is provided by light-emitting diodes or LEDs, instead of neon tubes like LCD TVs. This change affects :

  • The rendering of the image (homogeneity, brightness, contrast, etc.).) ;
  • Energy consumption (40% savings compared to LCD);
  • The level of bulk (thin screen, light and easy to attach to walls) ;
  • The choice of sizes and designs (flat, curved, wide screens without losing quality, etc.) is very important.)

Besides, there are different ways to apply backlighting on Full LED, Edge LED, Direct LED and QLED TVs. In practice, the light sources are installed on the frame or behind the LCD panel. Finally, the screen can be illuminated globally or by small areas (Dimming).

Examples of reliable LED TV brands

Samsung is currently one of the best television brands in the world, all technologies included. Logically, the Korean giant dominates the LED department. The brand is distinguished by its innovative and resistant screens. Moreover, it provides spare parts seven years after the release of each model.

You will be able to easily repair the device in case of accident.

On the other hand, Samsung generally offers TVs with fine designs that match its other products (players, home cinema, speakers…). LG is also a strong contender for the title of “Best TV in the World Most reliable LED TV brand. The brand is best known for its excellent value for money on all its creations.

You can also take advantage of this feature in the TV department. However, this specificity of the brand tends to fade in the high-end segment.

Sony stands out for its use of MotionFlow processing. This technology optimizes the refresh rate and the fluidity of images. The backlighting systems also improve the definition and contrast of the display.

In addition, the brand is traditionally appreciated for its consistency in product quality. You’ll enjoy similar performance and durability across its entire catalog.

Which brand of LED TV lasts the longest ?

Samsung can be considered as the the most reliable LED TV brand of the market. Beyond their original quality, the Korean manufacturer’s products are supported by an efficient after-sales service. This advantage is largely due to the availability of spare parts for seven years. By comparison, Sony offers components for two years at most.

Thus, the device may quickly become irreparable.

Due to the lack of parts, repairmen are sometimes tempted to use components from other brands. However, this practice affects the balance of all electronics and the life of the TV. The intruder can cause or accelerate the wear of the associated circuits.

This anomaly will then tend to spread, worsen and cause irreversible damage.

In general, a LED TV has a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. Samsung televisions are average, without repairs. You can nevertheless improve the longevity of the device thanks to the spare parts provided by the brand. Indeed, early failures are often caused by the weakest links.

Therefore, they will be replaced by original components that will ensure the optimal functioning of the electronic system. As a result, the TV will last even longer.