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How to open a GPX file ?

The GPX is now a must for cyclists and hiking enthusiasts. It is indeed the most common file format for share routes. Such information is essential for any activity requiring a precise route.

This GPS data also allows you to explore a walking path or unknown terrain without getting lost.

What is GPX ?

The acronym GPX refers to the English GPS exchange. This format has been specially designed for the exchange of GPS coordinates. Then simply import this data into a GPS application or a compatible website to track your journey.

In concrete terms, a GPX contains a list of geographical locations (Waypoints), presented in a precise order and forming a route. The route can then be integrated into an interactive geoportal or printed on a paper map. Depending on the case, each point represents a step of the route or a simple marker to follow the path set.

Considering its vocation, the GPX is a open file format, application such as TXT, PNG, BITMAP, etc. It also aims to facilitate the import and export of data on most GPS guidance tools. In practice, all points of the plot are defined by their longitude and latitude.

They then allow you to create a specific route, following tracks, trails, etc.

If you want to create a GPX file, know that’they are saved in XML format. They can thus be imported and deciphered easily by various tools or web services. This system has been quickly democratized thanks to its accessibility.

GPX has also contributed to the popular success of geocaching, the modern version of the treasure hunt.

Which software to open a GPX file ?

Which software to open a GPX file?

GPX may seem complicated, if you discover this format from a file received by chance. The enthusiasts of hikes tools and like to send this type of content as an attachment to their. Nevertheless, different programs allow to open these files, on the Internet or offline. They are compatible with EasyGPS, GPS Utility, FME Desktop and Merkaator.

You can also use Google Maps.

In this case, open the tool, then click on ” Create a map “at the top right of the screen. Then go to the left menu and open the link ” Import “. Finally, search and select the item in question in the file explorer. For the import, you can also do a drag and drop directly to the Google Maps page.

To view this GPX trail, click on the three dashes in the upper left corner of Maps. Access to ” Your addresses Click here to see the “Sidebar” menu. Finally open the tab ” Maps “. This feature will display all routes imported or created from your Google account.

You can also edit them on this page.

The steps are basically the same to open a track file on an Android or iOS smartphone. However, it is strongly recommended that you recommended to import GPS exchange files from your computer beforehand. Once imported, this data will be very easy to consult from the Google Maps application.

What is a GPX file for? ?

What is a GPX file used for?

Basically, the GPX track is used to visualize and follow the route of a hike thanks to geolocation. This file can be loaded in a GPS receiver, a GPS application, a watch Garmin… This way you will have precise information on the path to follow while hiking !

As with Garmin Connect, you can import GPX data into other connected objects’ apps. Practical for hiking or mountain biking, these accessories are essential on the trails, in the mountains, or even off-piste. Some campers also use this system to complement their GPS tools.

In addition to the GPS data, the Waypoints files, which can also include topographic data (altitudes, altitude differences, etc.).). This type of information is very useful for trekkers and cyclists who like to ride on sloping trails. Therefore, many enthusiasts decide to draw a route and share it through GPX files.