Developing the employer brand to retain employees

Develop the employer brand to retain employees

When you run a company in certain sectors such as high-tech, research or industry, it can be very difficult to find competent profiles. Therefore, once you have succeeded in identifying and convincing a qualified person to work for your company, the challenge is to retain them over time. Here are some tips to keep your employees loyal.

Develop the employer brand with special activities

We spend a large part of our life at work. If the job is boring and uninteresting and you have a degree that is in demand on the job market, you will quickly be tempted to go elsewhere. The first thing to do for the employer is to make the work and the workplace more enjoyable.

Among the solutions, we can for example organize sports sessions at work by bringing in a sports coach or investing in equipment. You can also get past the social and economic committee of the structure to encourage the organization of outings to places of interest. The CSE has a budget for social and cultural works.

Offer flexible management

When it comes to loyalty, we talk in years. An employee who joins a company after graduation will not necessarily have the same problems and the same rhythm of life in the years that follow.

Buying a house, having children, getting married, moving, new hobbies … the constraints of everyday life can easily change.

The employee will probably sometimes have difficulty reconciling personal life and work. The trick is to offer a very flexible management style from the start, for example by offering time off when needed or by modulating and adapting working hours easily.

The rhythm of the day is easily adapted to the rhythm of personal life, the employee will not feel the need to regularly renegotiate his working hours and will therefore be tempted to keep this flexibility and therefore his job.

Have a pleasant working environment

Another point on which it is relatively easy to play: the quality of the premises. The work environment imposes itself on the employee. If the office is well laid out and pleasant to live in, employees will find it easier to get to and stay in the office.

Make sure that all employees have an ergonomic workstation that is large enough to comfortably perform their tasks.

Do not hesitate to add color and equipment that may seem accessory such as plants, sofas, a television and why not a pool table or a game console.

Companies in Silicon Valley that were facing a shortage of certain profiles have understood these issues. That’s why they usually offer colorful premises, free company restaurants and plenty of nice indoor and outdoor spaces.

Offer complementary services

Pay is not everything. Offering other benefits such as lunch or vacation vouchers has a positive connotation that will reinforce your company’s image.

These benefits are part of the criteria that can be taken into account by the employees of your company when they compete with other employers.