How to unmask a hidden number on a fixed line

How to unmask a hidden number on a landline ?

Masked numbers are problematic for fixed and mobile subscribers. It may be a discreet company, an automatic canvasser or a malicious person. You will be able to differentiate them through the frequency of calls.

Indeed, a caller who is too insistent rarely has good intentions. However, there are solutions to unmask it, even on a fixed phone.

How to unmask a hidden number on fixed line with Stop Secret ?

Stop Secret is Orange’s answer to the question “What is the difference between the two? how to unmask a hidden landline number ? “. Indeed, this service requires callers in private mode to identify themselves by voice recording before contacting you. You can then accept or refuse the call depending on the voice you hear. Your relatives will not be filtered, provided they are in the VIP directory.

Stop Secret is a paid service for a traditional landline telephone. You will need a different formula to unmask a hidden call on a line connected to an Internet Box. That said, the options are generally the same.

Only the prices change. These services allow you to filter unknown callers, non-compliant numbers, potential callers..

However, the features available will depend on the subscription. You can only display the caller’s number with the basic solution. Thus, you will have to upgrade to take advantage of the automatic blocking of unidentified, spoofed or soliciting numbers.

The best option will allow you to obtain the number and the name of the person wishing to reach you.

The solutions at SFR and Free

Free and SFR do not offer a dedicated service, if you want to know how to unmask a hidden landline number. You will have to use a well-known technique on cell phones, namely systematic call forwarding. The destination phone only needs to have caller ID to see the caller’s number.

Moreover, the codes are identical for SFR and Free.

To activate the call transfer option, you must enter the code “*21*Destination number#” and press the call key. Dial and then call “*#21” to verify activation of the service. You will receive a message indicating if it works or not.

To deactivate it, use the code “#21#”. This method allows to display the numbers of all incoming calls, even if they are masked.

Attention ! Unconditional call forwarding is a per-minute offer. Paid destinations also imply an additional cost. This additional cost corresponds to the basic rate of the line in question.

Refer to your operator’s price list to know the prices applied. On the other hand, call forwarding is generally free, if you are busy or absent.

Contact the police

In case of danger, how to unmask a hidden number on a landline ? Law enforcement agencies are the best people to contact in these circumstances. They can also handle cases of extortion, harassment, scam… Can the police find a hidden number ? Yes, if you are facing real threats. You will have to support your statement with concrete and relevant elements.

However, the police may refuse to help you if it is a problem with a couple and infidelity. This situation is a matter of your privacy. You will have to find solutions yourself, except in case of harassment, blackmail, death threats, etc.

If these facts are proven, police officers will intervene to protect you and arrest the person in question.

In the absence of escalating violence, you can always use tracking and parental control applications. You also have a significant advantage over an Apple fan, if you know how to unmask a hidden number on iPhone. These solutions are designed to record, identify and filter callers who are potentially dangerous to children.

They are equally effective on lovers using private numbers.