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Wooden chalet : the’Is the investment worth it? 

Wooden cottages built for outdoor recreation are still often associated with basic rectangular boxes for vacationers not looking for great comfort. However, with the rapid advances in construction, opting for a wooden cottage can meet the needs of more and more individuals and their families to become an extra space to relax or enjoy their leisure time.

In this article, we have decided to review the main reasons why installing in a wooden cottage kit your garden is an excellent choice.

An excellent quality-price ratio

Those who are’People who are particularly interested in the construction of wooden cottages know that they offer an excellent price-quality ratio. Wood that is properly treated, of high quality and regularly maintained from year to year is the best choice’A wooden cottage will give you the best of both worlds’impression of’Be in a solid structure that smells like nature. In addition, the construction of wooden cottages with their lighter foundations will cost much less than constructions made with traditional materials. Like any other natural material, wood is an ideal environment for the development of fungi, mold and wood-eating insects. L’increase of the’The moisture content of the wood provides excellent growing conditions for these living organisms.

Thus, professional measures are necessary to properly protect the wood. The same rule s’applies to the’maintenance of the facade d’a wooden cottage. Indeed, if it is well maintained and protected by high quality materials, it will be beautiful even after 30 years.

Unique design saves money

The price of wooden chalets depends directly on their size, the height of the ceiling, their equipment and the quality of the wood species chosen. However, when evaluating the prices and quality of various wood species, be aware that opting for a wooden cottage kit requires you to make several compromises as well as’to accept the layout of the different rooms and spaces that may seem unnecessary. C’That's why we suggest that you take your time before embarking on a wood cottage construction project and consider your personal needs.

On the other hand, a custom-designed wooden cottage may seem to cost much more, but this is not the case’is not the case. By choosing a custom-built wood cabin, you plan your living space according to your personal needs, and you will pay only for what you need.

A wide range of uses

Wooden chalets are still considered minimalist because of the relatively simple needs of most owners. While their architectural and design possibilities are very limited, they can be used for a wide range of purposes’However, there is no limit to the number of rooms that can be installed. According to construction experts, there are many wooden cottages that can be used both in winter and summer, turning them into vacation homes or pleasant spaces to use all year round’year.

A custom-designed wood cabin can be transformed into a comfortable office, a gym or a space to spend time with friends. Use your imagination and adapt it to your desires.

A wooden chalet as a gym

It is difficult to change the pace of life when you lack time, but there is always a solution: create better conditions for activities at home. Sports are no exception. However, it is difficult to find the right solution’ignore the fact that heavy machinery can be used to make a room’exercise n’It is important to note that not all wooden cottages have a place in the house and that the constant picking up or moving of the cottages is a problem’a room to the’other does not help to find the motivation to do sports regularly.

Therefore, a custom wooden cottage is considered an excellent option to create an additional space for your leisure. For example, building your own gym could allow you to stay active throughout the year’year much easier. Such a construction will have many other advantages.

For example, you can save time by working out at a time that suits you. In addition, the transformation of a wooden chalet into a building is not a problem’a wooden chalet gym will create a unique space for your personal needs. In addition, the’one of the biggest advantages of a wooden chalet’such a gym is your privacy.

Indeed, it offers the possibility to work out alone, without worrying about your fitness level or appearance during the’training.

A wooden cottage as an office

With the radical change in lifestyles, many people are spending more time at home. It is then given much more attention’attention to the creation of’personal work spaces. It's not’It is therefore not surprising that many people have had the’idea to turn their wooden cottage into an office.

This way, you can use it as a work space and return home at the end of your day.

The various possibilities of building a wooden chalet allow you to use your imagination for both the exterior and interior architecture. You don't have to plan a living space that requires specific features, which often have to be combined with the original design of the building.

When designing your home, you should not forget to use wood’If you are planning to convert a wooden chalet into an office, it is particularly important to ensure that it is sufficiently bright. If the’Integrated lighting can do a lot, but it doesn't have to’there is no better than natural light. This will allow you not only to work out, but also to enjoy your workout’Save money’electricity, but also to have the impression that your office is much larger. In addition, bright interior colors could also contribute to a greater sense of privacy’space.

Although you want nature by choosing a wooden cottage for workspace, you should not give up combining wood with other materials’If you decide from a practical point of view, the design of other finishing materials can be used’The most important advantage of having a wooden chalet as an extension is the interior of the chalet. Thus, the wooden cottage will be modern with a unique interior.

A wooden chalet as an annex building

Although wooden cottages are still very often designed as simple rectangular boxes, they are nowadays found in many places’It can be built on almost any land. Know that you could easily create your own build a custom in your garden If you want to store everything from wood to garden tools to clothes, you can use a wooden chalet as a work space.

The biggest advantage of having a wooden cottage as an extension is the distance between the house and the ground’layout of the premises and spaces. Although it's not a good idea to have a gym, it's a good idea to have a gym’If you decide that it is practical to use other finishing materials in your home, we can help you with the design’an outbuilding is not a top priority, it is important to have. A tasteless and unsuitable wooden chalet can completely spoil the view of your garden.

It is therefore essential to pay attention to the layout of the latter.

If you decide on a practical’If you want to install a wooden chalet in your yard, it is important to know that, because of its small size, it will not require a building permit. Nevertheless, you must respect a regulatory distance. This one can't be built within 3 meters of the neighboring plot's border. If the distance is less, it is necessary to get the best out of it’The owner of the neighboring plot must give his written consent before construction begins.

In addition, the fire distance must also be respected.

A wooden chalet as an annex building

A leisure space in your garden

Build a wooden cottage and let your imagination run wild. Custom designed wood buildings can be very modern, with a deck, large windows, or even multiple doors and windows that can be modern or more traditional styles.

The building technologies The advances of our time allow you to realize your greatest desires, even if it is only to build a house’it s’s greatest desires, even if it is to build a house’a fairy tale house that your children have always dreamed of. A wooden chalet can become not only a great playroom for children, but also an additional living space to welcome friends or family.

It is essential to pay attention to the exterior of your wooden cottage and protect the wood. Aged wood gradually changes color and coloring’appearance, which is particularly affected by the protective material used. According to experts, when choosing wood finishing materials, the most common question is whether a clear or opaque finish would be more suitable for the wood.

When it comes to clear wood protection, experts recommend that you use a clear coat’apply this type of finish on a smooth and flat surface. The durability of transparent coating depends mainly on climatic conditions. For example, a side that is rarely heated by the sun is not a good choice’However, a wooden cottage may not change at all after 15 years. While the sunny south side may require renovation after a few years, the south side is not.

However, the’one of the main advantages of a transparent protection is that it is a good idea to have a transparent finish’If you use a thin layer, it is much easier to replace than a thick one’The durability of a transparent coating depends mainly on the quality of the wood’not peel, but s’The wood simply fades or discolors under the sun’effect of the sun.

Another important aspect, when choosing the right protection, is that it is much easier to replace’a top coat, could be how often you need to reapply it. For example, a transparent finish must be reapplied much more often than a transparent finish’an opaque finish. However, more than a transparent protection, experts recommend tinted varnishes. This is because the pigment that is used to create the wood is the same as the pigment that is used to create the wood’they contain (c’It is also important when choosing a wood covering to protect the surface of the wood (i.e., the colored particles) to better block UV rays that could break down the cells on the surface of the wood.

The more colored particles there are, the slower the wood surface ages. In d’In other words, the stronger the paint color and the less transparent it is, the better the wood is protected from the sun. In this case, the wooden cottage becomes more durable.

L’Although this type of wooden cottage is used only during the summer, the effectiveness and durability of materials used to protect the wooden cottage are also influenced by the quality of the binder of the paint used, because it forms a more or less dense film that protects the surface of the wood from the sun’external moisture. This protection is important, because the constant fluctuations of the weather can affect the appearance of the house’moisture causes the wood to expand and contract, leading to decay.

A custom-made wooden cottage open

Who said that wooden cottages can not be designed in an open way ? Yes, it is’acts of’a very modern approach to custom chalets. However, if the time you spend in your garden is mainly devoted to gatherings with friends or family during the summer, this type of construction is ideal and offers even more comfort.

Although this type of wooden cottages are only used during the summer, they are very efficient and durable’Do not opt for a temporary outdoor furniture. A well-equipped garden with comfortable tables, chairs and armchairs will take your family gatherings to a whole new level. Do not limit yourself to the’If you are looking for an exterior wood cabin, also invest in a new one’interior.

You'll be amazed at how modern lamps and cushions, as well as a variety of other accessories, can help you create an atmosphere that's more comfortable for your family’other decorative elements can make an impact.

Why is it worth it?’invest in a wooden cottage ?

As wooden cottages have become more and more popular in recent years in France, it is not surprising that many myths still exist’is not surprising that many myths still exist. And these may make you hesitate to buy a wooden cottage. However, given the ever-increasing construction possibilities and the need for a clear finish, it is important to consider the following’If you are interested in learning more about wooden cottages and their potential in terms of the use of this type of construction, custom-designed wooden cottages are an excellent investment that allows you to meet your needs to the maximum.

Would you like to know more about wooden chalets and their potential for use in the construction industry?’durable real estate ? The market is full of’offers available for almost any budget. So don't wait any longer and get informed.