Why buy or sell with a notary

Why buy or sell with a notary

The process of buying or selling real estate is very complex. In addition to including several stages, it requires the understanding and the mastery of each of the acts which are posed. This is why it is advisable, even recommended, to call upon a notary for a real estate transaction.

He is an authority figure and above all a professional specializing in private law. Discovering the stages of a real estate transaction and knowing exactly what role the notary plays during it is the subject of this article.

The steps of a real estate transaction

The real estate transaction begins with the search for a property by the buyer or the sale by the seller. Therefore, an offer can be made by the buyer in case of interest. This offer is only valid if it is in writing. If the offer is accepted by the vendor, the next step is to sign the preliminary contract. It must be done in the presence of a notary.

Go to Notaire et Breton to find one. After signing the preliminary contract, a loan offer must be made. It is followed by the signing of the deed of sale between the two parties and always under the supervision of the notary. It is during this signature that the sum corresponding to the price of the property is handed over to the buyer. None of these steps can be done in the absence of the notary.

Hence his central role.

The role of the notary

The notary plays a major role in the purchase or sale of a property. First of all, he/she draws up all the acts that enter into the process of the transaction. He must also authenticate them by signing them. Thanks to his expertise, he is aware of the real estate market and its fluctuations.

Based on his knowledge of digital news, he knows how to be a good adviser. Its role starts at the signature of the preliminary contract and continues until the conclusion of the operation where it ends.